2017 ...

That we always have presence of mind!
A heart full of compassion!
And a will to keep improving ourselves!

Myriam sensei


In 2017 ...

Last class of 2016 ...

Today, we'll be outdoors. It's going to be cold. Sunny. A little breezy. But, no matter what we are having class. We are a very committed bunch. Why? We love doing aikido. or should I say, aikido is doing us. making us into our better selves. Our commitment is one way of showing it. We just meet once a week for three and half to four hours sometimes. And we all look forward to it. 

Today, is just one more day of shugyo. Shugyo means austere training. With gloves, warm clothes, caps and coats will be doing weapons and aikitaiso and sure, why not? Techniques. We'll be there when it's easy. And we'll be there when it's not.  That says a lot of our commitment. 

Our commitment to what? To our training, to our development, to our dojo. Even to life itself. Life is full of good and not so good circumstances. Do we stop breathing? Living? Do we wait for better conditions to do what we must? I like to tell myself: "It is what it is!" I tell my students, "It is what it is". Nothing more. Nothing less. It is what it is!

Today it will be cold. And windy. We'll keep moving forward. Gambatte!

Myriam sensei