Finding the crack ...

"You must find a crack in your life to get a taste of the possibility of something new. It could be anything, but you have to be actively open to your chance, to your opportunity for the real."

 How many of us are stuck with what is known and comfortable in our lives? We thinks we know all there is to know about something. We reached the pinnacle of our effort. Or so we think. We grow smugged with ourselves. Consequently we lose our way and while roaming the path and perhaps moving a lot we get nowhere. Nowhere valuable I mean. 

"It doesn’t matter what your “way” is—arranging flowers, meditating, singing in a choir, building chairs, visiting sick patients, deflecting punches. The purpose has to be to transform yourself; not to change others."

What is the purpose of what we do?  Why, not only what  is important. It's so sad that after years of climbing the ladder we look at the other side of our effort and  find that it was resting on the wrong effort. And yet, there's hope. We can climb back down. Step down from what we thought was the clear path  and start in a new direction. A direction that includes not only the where I want to go but the why I want to get there. 

So, lets find the crack in us. Let it happen. It will come from the most unexpected places but it will come. It will show us the truth of our path and then we'll be facing a choice.



What if I fail ...?

The only failure is not to try ...

How many times have you said, "I'll start aikido next week." "After the next pay check". "After I finish doing this or that". "When I have more time." Or perhaps, you have said to yourself, "I don't think I can do that" and discard your interest and desire to start training. 

The only thing you need to start is the will to do it followed by the action. You'll make space for it. You'll work on a budget to have the means. You will say no to some things in order to say yest to aikido. It's up to you!

Myriam sensei


How much effort is enough effort?

How much? We are so different. We have different needs. Different skills and abilities. We have different limitations as well. How much effort is enough? It depends on us and our goals. How far or deep we want to go. How much understanding of the art we want to achieve. In the end, it depend on us.

Myriam sensei